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  Name Title Group
Kathryn Albrecht Albrecht, Kathryn 4K Teacher
Carly Alsum Alsum, Carly 3K Teacher/Vocal Instructor
Caitlin Deckinga Deckinga, Caitlin 3rd Grade Teacher
Tammy Gantner Gantner, Tammy 2nd Grade Teacher/Art/Spanish
Ladonna Garbison Garbison, Ladonna 5th Grade Teacher
Ashlie Gardner Gardner, Ashlie 2nd Grade Aide
Christa Grohman Grohman, Christa 6th Grade Teacher
Sarah Heidemann Heidemann, Sarah 4th Grade Teacher
Alison Hendrikse Hendrikse, Alison 3K Teacher Aide
Doris Hendrikse Hendrikse, Doris 2nd Grade Teacher
Elaine Kappers Kappers, Elaine Resource Room
Megan Klompenhouwer Klompenhouwer, Megan 1st Grade Teacher
Hannah Klotzbuecher Klotzbuecher, Hannah 5K Teacher
Brenda Lammers Lammers, Brenda Secretary
Sarah LeMahieu LeMahieu, Sarah 5th Grade Aide
Anna Meinnert Meinnert, Anna 3rd Grade Teacher
Paul Modahl Modahl, Paul Administrator
Jaclyn Ratajczak Ratajczak, Jaclyn 4th Grade Teacher
Reid Rozeboom Rozeboom, Reid Middle School Reading/Writing
Jennifer Spindler Spindler, Jennifer Secretary
Andrew Stecker Stecker, Andrew Middle School Math/Science Athletic Director
Brent Torrenga Torrenga, Brent
Brenda VanDyken VanDyken, Brenda Secretary
Leila VerVelde VerVelde, Leila 1st Grade Teacher
Becky Zylstra Zylstra, Becky GRACE Fundraising Coordinator
Drew Zylstra Zylstra, Drew Middle School Essentials/Pastor

Teacher Vision Statement:  that they will have a clear commitment to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and their call to live in the following manner:  love the Lord, love the children, and love their profession. Teachers will be devoted to being Christian role models for their students, both inside and outside the classroom.  They are encouraged to have daily devotions and regularly attend and be involved with a local church family.