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Each year all students at OCS are divided into twenty different Unity Groups. Each Unity Group is led by an 8th grade student. The Unity Groups meet every Wednesday morning for a time of prayer and meet monthly to work on a group project. Often the prayer time and a mission’s project a particular Unity Group is working on are connected. A Unity Group may be corresponding with a soldier in Iraq, a missionary, or an elderly person. As correspondence increases so do the prayer requests.

The purposes of Unity Groups are really two-fold:

First, Unity Groups are meant to do exactly what the title says: bring unity to our school by connecting older and younger children. This results in lower elementary students not fearing the middle school age child, but instead seeing the older student as a friend.

Second, the Unity Groups are a vehicle for service. As mentioned above, the Unity Groups spend time praying for different needs in our community and world, and they also take the time to actually meet some of those needs.

We praise God for our Unity Groups and the opportunities they present for social, academic, and spiritual growth.