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OCS School Board

We have a vision for our School Board members: that they will demonstrate a personal and clear commitment to Jesus Christ as they provide a consistent articulation and promotion of the school’s mission. They will provide competent leadership which will inspire and foster the school’s future growth and development. They will have read and be familiar with all school policies and procedures as they relate to their role as a Board Trustee. 

2020.21 Board Members

President:                    Jenny Zylstra                                          

Vice President:           Joyce Smies                                        

Secretary:                   Ron DeMaster                                      

Treasurer:                    Dan Oppeneer                                                

Asst/Sec./Treas.         Ross DeBlaey                                

Member-at-Large     Nick Davies

Member-at-Large     Paul Meeusen

Member-at-Large     Amanda Eiring

Member-at-Large     Ben Doss

Member-at-Large     Marcus VanDyken