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4K Curriculum Guidelines

Each school day, our 4K learners will engage in large motor activities, music and movement, free play, circle time, and much more.  We understand that God made every child uniquely and he/she develops at their own age-appropriate pace.  We plan each day with this understanding in mind.  Our basic desire is to accomplish the following:



Reading and Language Readiness

Your child will have the ability to identify sight words, write their first name, identify and know the sounds of all 26 letters and be able to write all 26 uppercase letters.  They will also begin to discover the love of books and engage in rhyming and alliteration activities.


Math Readiness

Our goal is to help your child identify basic patterns and be able to count and identify numbers up to 30.  Basic colors and shapes will be understood with the ability to understand the concepts of zero, equal and more versus less.

Biblical Knowledge and Understanding

At OCS, your child will become acquainted with God and His people through Bible stories and have the opportunity to learn many Bible verses.  They will learn daily that Jesus loves them and wants them to love others in turn.  At this age, they will begin to pray with their peers.


Social & Emotional Skills

While four-year-olds are busy people,  we do work daily to help them sit in a group setting to listen for 20 minutes at a time and learn how to follow basic directions.  They will also have many opportunities to socially interact with their peers through playtime and activity time.