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Transportation for students attending Oostburg Christian School has 3 basic classifications.

1. Village of Oostburg Residents: All students who live within the confines of the Village of Oostburg must provide their own transportation. Many walk or ride bikes. During adverse weather parents usually car pool with someone else in their neighborhood. 

2. Oostburg School District Residents : All students who live within the Oostburg School District but outside the village shall be provided bus transportation to and from school. A bus route schedule and time-table are provided by the bus service for these families. OCS students will be dropped off in the morning at the Oostburg Elementary School and then ride a shuttle bus to OCS.  No students may walk from Oostburg Elementary School to OCS. They must ride the shuttle bus.

In the afternoon a shuttle will take all bus students who live within the Oostburg School District to the Oostburg Elementary School where the students will get on their proper bus to take them home. This can be a concern for young students, so we send an adult along the first day of school to make sure they get on the proper bus. No students may walk from OCS to Oostburg Elementary School. They must ride the shuttle bus.

3. Outside Village of Oostburg residents: Parents must provide their own transportation to and from school unless they enter into a contract with OCS to provide transportation for their children. We currently have eight van routes that pick up children at their homes and bring them directly to OCS. Parents pay for this service to/from the school.  The cost is determined by the distance you live from OCS.  Rates are charged for how many days and how many ways your children are transported to/from OCS.  Currently we transport over 60 students to/from our school each day.