Oostburg Christian School

Tuition Schedule / Tuition Aid

"No child in the area should be denied the opportunity of a Christian education because his or her family cannot afford tuition."

It is this belief, held by the OCS School Board, which has led Oostburg Christian School to establish a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP Fund) to aid families who otherwise might not be able to enroll their children at our school.

Oostburg Christian School is partnering with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to determine how to distribute the school's tuition assistance funds.  This "outside" service can impartially evaluate and rank family needs.  The board is given a list from the tuition service ranking applicants based on their needs and is then better able to distribute the funds fairly.

This is the same service that is used by Sheboygan County Christian High School and does take into account having children enrolled in both schools. To apply online click below on “FACTS”.





Oostburg Christian School is a member of the School Choice program.  Click here or contact the school office to find out if your family may qualify to apply for free or discounted tuition. 

This tuition incentive program is designed to assist families with children in 5K-8 who are enrolling for the first time.  They will have the opportunity to receive a 50% discount on their total tuition bill for the first year, 30% for the second year and 10% for the third year. Please check with the school office for the details on this exciting program for new families only! Click here for more details.

Scrip is another tuition assistance program where parents are encouraged to purchase gift cards/certificates in the school office for merchants where you shop.  Many hundred of stores are available--some are listed on our Scrip order form.  By doing so, a percentage is designated toward their tuition account.  Parents who purchase these certificates regularly can have as much as $400-$500 off their tuition each year!

These certificates and cards can be purchased by anyone, who can designate whose tuition account should be credited.  This is a great way for grandparents to partner with their children to keep tuition payments down.

This is a sub-program of Scrip.  Scrip certificates are purchased here and a tuition account of a child in a Christian school anywhere can benefit.  We will send the designated amount annually to any Christian school in the United States.

This allows families who have more than one child in school to get tuition assistance for the second and third child.  The fourth child need only to pay a book fee.

Several churches represented by our families either take offerings or donate throughout the year.  Ask us about how your church could support the school.

Beginning in the tax year 2014, parents with a child in a private school may be able to receive a Wisconsin state tax deduction for tuition.  Under the program, parents may be able to deduct up to $4,000 per student in grades K-8.  For more information, visit www.wcris.org/tuitiontaxdeduction.cfm.  Please consult your tax advisor for your specific circumstances.




Tuition Schedule for 2017-2018



Yearly Payment

Monthly Payment



(12 months:

Aug. through July)

3K – 2 days per week



4K - 2 days per week



4K - 3 days per week



Kindergarten only



1 full-time student



1 full & K



2 full-time students



2 full & K



3 full time students



Families pay $250 for each additional student beyond 3.