Oostburg Christian School


Angie DeBlaey, Brenda Lammers--Scrip Team

This on-going fund-raiser has its roots in businesses that want to help fund non-profit organizations like Oostburg Christian.  The GRACE committee buys certificates and gift cards at a discount and sells them to supporters at face value.  Two percent of each discount is used by GRACE*.  The rest of the percentage from two percent on up will be given to the tuition account of your choice.


Scrip Store Hours:
During the school year, Scrip is available in the office every day during office hours.  During the summer, Scrip is available in the office on Wednesday mornings , 9:00 a.m. - Noon and any other time that someone is in the office to help you.  Please call ahead:  564-2664. 

Scrip ordering:
Orders placed using the electronic ordering form by Friday noon, will be available the following Wednesday at the latest.  A copy of the current order form is available here.

Click here to find ALL the Scrip vendors that are available to order.  Click on the Retailer List to the left, either Alphabetically or By Category. Then you may use our electronic ordering form to place your order.  We will call you when your order arrives!   How easy is that?


Scrip Anywhere

What is Scrip Anywhere?

This is an exciting part of our Scrip program which allows people to buy Scrip at Oostburg Christian and apply their discount percentages to tuition accounts for students who attend other Christian schools.  


How does it work?


1)      When Scrip certificates are purchased from Oostburg Christian School, anything over 2%* will be distributed according to your wishes.

2)      Each January, Oostburg Christian will send the balance in your Scrip account to the school(s) that you have registered with us, unless the child is not school age. In that case, it will be kept in our Futures account until we receive information that they are enrolled. 


Who can participate?


Anyone can participate and designate their Scrip discount to be held in a Scrip Anywhere account and the Scrip team will distribute once a year to the schools that you have registered.


You will be contacted each year to be sure that the information that we have on file is current and that you still wish to participate in this program.


What other things do I need to know?


*    Checks cannot be sent to individuals—they must be sent to Christian or private schools for tuition assistance.

*    You will be notified when the funds are sent so that you can be sure that your family members are aware of the amount being credited to their tuition account.

*    Checks will not be sent unless they are $25 or more.

*    Checks will be sent in January of each year so that tuition accounts can be credited for the current school year.

*    Oostburg Christian keeps the 2%* for our purposes, the balance will be sent, by request, in the same percentage that we presently give our families.



How else can I boost my Scrip Anywhere account?


Your subscription to the Sheboygan Press may be renewed at Oostburg Christian and you get 3% toward the tuition account of your choice. Bring your renewal form and a check written out to OCS Scrip for the full amount of your renewal to the office. The Scrip team will renew your subscription and credit your account with the difference.


You will find a 38% discount on all magazine subscriptions and renewals by using our school website to order.   Just go to www.oostburgchristian.com and click on the Help OCS button.   Then scroll down to the QSP logo and click on it.   You will be taken to their site and start shopping!   This is our largest discount and you must go through the website to get it. You won’t want to miss out!


*When Scrip discounts are 3% or less, the discount is evenly divided between OCS and Scrip accounts.


You may order or renew magazines through the website.  Click on the Qmagazine renewal link at the bottom of  our GRACE main page and order your favorite magazine.  40 % of your cost will come back to the school!  You will be given 38% toward your Scrip account and the GRACE Board will keep 2%.