Oostburg Christian School

About OCS - Our Mission Statement

The mission of Oostburg Christian School is to partner with the home and the church
in providing a distinctly Christian education
in which students learn about God, His Word, and His world
in order to develop a heart that is prepared for a lifetime of service to Jesus Christ.


Vision Statement

Following the Lord’s leading, the vision of Oostburg Christian School is to provide a rich educational environment that builds godly character and nurtures our relationships with God, self, and others. As image bearers of God in a broken world, we seek reconciliation with others, and practice good stewardship of our time, gifts and possessions.

Oostburg Christian School will establish relationships and discourse between our school, the home and the church to prepare children as they grow in their knowledge of God and his world.


We have a vision for:

Our Students: that they will be image bearers of God, be filled with wonder and enthusiasm in learning Biblical truths, and knowledge about His world. We seek for them to be engaged in loving relationships with God, each other, their parents, and their teachers displaying a Spirit-filled life. We anticipate that they will leave the school with an educational as well as a spiritual foundation that will prepare them for high school and beyond.

Our Parents: that they will be committed to their God-given role as being responsible for their child’s education by providing nurture and care which serves as a prerequisite for learning both inside and outside the classroom. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s educational experience by supporting their child and their child’s teacher, help with homework and volunteer with fund raising for the school. Our vision includes leading their family spiritually by regular church attendance and family devotions.

Our Teachers: that they will have a clear commitment to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and their call to live in the following manner: love the Lord, love the children, and love their profession. Teachers will be devoted to being Christian role models for their students, both inside and outside the classroom. They are encouraged to have daily devotions and regularly attend and be involved with a local church family.

Our School Board members: that they will demonstrate a personal and clear commitment to Jesus Christ as they provide a consistent articulation and promotion of the school’s mission. They will provide competent leadership which will inspire and foster the school’s future growth and development. They will have read and be familiar with all school policies and procedures as they relate to their role as a Board Trustee.

Our Supporters:  that they will acquire the vision for continuing Christian education at Oostburg Christian School.  Our school will seek to stay connected to this group through events, mailings, and phone calls.  These faithful people will pray for, encourage, work, and give to sustain our school as they are led by the Spirit.



Philosophy of Oostburg Christian School
The authority and covenant responsibility for educating children resides with the parents or guardians of the children. The primary aim of Christian parents in securing the education of their children should be to give them a Christian education to help develop their children’s God-given abilities and interests so they can enrich their personal lives, be equipped adequately to serve as Christians in contemporary society, and joyfully and faithfully serve in God’s Kingdom as redeemed people in Jesus Christ.

Christian parents, when seeking help in the education of their children, should seek those individuals and institutions which can provide a Christian education for their children. The responsibility for maintaining such institutions rests on the entire Christian community. As such an institution, Oostburg Christian School maintains:

  • the supreme standard for all of life is the Scripture, herein confessed to be the infallible Word of God
  • the Scriptures are best interpreted by the historical Reformed confessions
  • Christ has redeemed all of life, including our teaching and learning

Therefore, the Word of God must be the all-pervading force in the entire school curriculum, and not simply the textbook for a separate subject in the curriculum.