Oostburg Christian School

About OCS - Our Mission Statement

The mission of Oostburg Christian School is to provide distinctly Christian, quality education,
which will equip God's children to function as Christians in society, church, and home.

Philosophy of Oostburg Christian School
The authority and covenant responsibility for educating children resides with the parents or guardians of the children. The primary aim of Christian parents in securing the education of their children should be to give them a Christian education to help develop their children’s God-given abilities and interests so they can enrich their personal lives, be equipped adequately to serve as Christians in contemporary society, and joyfully and faithfully serve in God’s Kingdom as redeemed people in Jesus Christ.

Christian parents, when seeking help in the education of their children, should seek those individuals and institutions which can provide a Christian education for their children. The responsibility for maintaining such institutions rests on the entire Christian community. As such an institution, Oostburg Christian School maintains:

  • the supreme standard for all of life is the Scripture, herein confessed to be the infallible Word of God
  • the Scriptures are best interpreted by the historical Reformed confessions
  • Christ has redeemed all of life, including our teaching and learning

Therefore, the Word of God must be the all-pervading force in the entire school curriculum, and not simply the textbook for a separate subject in the curriculum.