Oostburg Christian School

Enrollment Policy

The following process shall be followed for enrolling all new families into Oostburg Christian School.

  1. Families that inquire about admittance into the school will be given an information packet, an opportunity to visit informally with the administrator, and a tour of the facilities.
  2. An application for admission will be filled in and sent to the school office.
  3. Arrangements will be made for a pre-registration interview held on a date agreeable by the applicant and the school.
  4. The interview will be held, attended by the school administrator, the board president or vice-president, and the applicants.  It is advisable that both parents be at the interview if at all possible.
  5. The interview will include the following:
    1. The reading of the Statement of Belief.  Parents will agree that their child(ren) will be instructed according to the statement.
    2. The reading of the Parental Contract.  Parents will agree with this contract and sign on the bottom indicating their agreement.
    3. The cover sheet of these documents will be signed, indicating their understanding of and agreement with them.
    4. Parents will be given opportunity to ask any questions concerning these documents during the interview. 
    5. Parents will be given copies of the signed agreements, and a copy of the Oostburg Christian School Constitution.
    6. If parents cannot agree with both the Statement of Belief and the Parental Contract, admittance to Oostburg Christian School will not be granted.
    7. If admittance is granted, the appropriate registration materials will be completed in a timely manner, and all payments and/or down payments will be paid according to requirements.