Oostburg Christian School

Fine Arts and Athletics

Oostburg Christian students excel in fine arts and athletics.  They develop their creative, physical and spiritual gifts, guided by Christian coaches, teachers, and directors, glorifying God in all activities.


ART--The arts are a gift of God to his people.  Being created in the image of God, we are creative just as He is.  Therefore we have the ability to create and appreciate the arts.  Arts are also a vital part of worship--both personally and corporately.  Using visual arts provide a way for students to make "visual reminders" of God's creation.


CHOIR/BAND--At Oostburg Christian, we believe that music is a gift from God, to be used for his glory and for our enjoyment.  Students at all grade levels are taught the basic rudiments of music to participate in the singing and listening to it.  Students in 5-8 have expanded Choir and Band opportunities, in concerts, chapel worship leaders, and an annual Music Festival.


DRAMA-- Students in Grades 5-8 participate in local and District speech competitions. Drama productions are presented each year by our 5K-5th grade students.


ATHLETICS--OCS students grow emotionally, spiritually, socially and physically through athletics.   While athletic activities are enjoyable, mastery requires dedication and concentration.  During the pursuit of excellence, students develop an understanding of competition, emphasizing sportsmanship, sacrifice, and teamwork.  Can you combine your Christianity with interscholastic sports? Yes...read more