Oostburg Christian School

OCS After Care Program

Oostburg Christian School
Afternoon Care Costs and Services

(Ages 3K through 10 years old)


I. Operating Schedule – The Oostburg Christian School Afternoon Care will be offered on MONDAY through FRIDAY. Parents and Guardians must provide a bag lunch for the children unless they are staying on a Wednesday in which case they may purchase a “school lunch.” A “School Lunch” may be signed up for at the beginning of each month. Please note: Afternoon Care is only offered when Oostburg Christian School is in session.

II. Cost:
- Charge will be $3.25 per hour of afternoon care.
- Parents and Guardians may use the childcare as often as desired
- Parents and Guardians may purchase cards worth ten hours ($30) or thirty hours ($90) of day care at a time. Cards will be non-refundable.

III. Scheduling Children:
- There will be a limit of twelve children per adult caregiver.
- Parents requiring ongoing care at consistent times are encouraged to sign up for a full semester at a time or a month at a time to guarantee a spot in the program.
- Parents not requiring care for a full semester or month should secure a spot one week before care is needed.
- “Drop-ins” are always welcome until a maximum of twelve children is reached.

IV. Who may attend:
- The program is open to children ages 3 through 10 years old who are enrolled at Oostburg Christian..
- Children must be “potty trained.”