Oostburg Christian School



New Family Tuition Incentive

The Oostburg Christian School Board is pleased to be able to announce an expanded tuition savings for new families enrolling at Oostburg Christian for the first time in the 2015-16 school year. Motivated by our continued commitment to partner with parents in raising their children to know and love God, we are implementing tuition savings that make Christian Education more affordable to families new to Oostburg Christian School.

Program Description

This program gives new families a 50% tuition credit the first year, 30% tuition credit the second year and 10% tuition credit the third year of enrollment at Oostburg Christian School. 


How does this work?

For the first year that your family has students enrolled in 5K-8, you will receive a tuition discount of 50%. The second year you will receive a 30% discount of your total tuition bill, and the third year 10%. 

Who is eligible?

This program is available to any new family with children in 5K-8 who has never previously enrolled their child/family at Oostburg Christian School or is not eligible for Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. 

Is there other tuition assistance available?

Yes, there are several other options for your family.  Click here for more tuition assistance opportunities.

How does this affect the current FREE 4K program?

The 50/30/10 will replace the previous Free 4K tuition schedule. Those families who are currently registered under that plan will stay with that tuition schedule and no changes will be made.  We are excited that this new program will offer a discount opportunity for families with children of all ages.

We encourage you to seek further information about Oostburg Christian so that your children will have the opportunity to learn more about God’s world in the light of His Word.

 Please contact Mr. Paul Modahl, Administrator, at 920.564.2664 or through our website.  Better yet--come visit the school at 22 South 6th Street, entering the school under the canopy on the south side off the parking lot!